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Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi

Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
As an Asian Clean-eating enthusiast, how can I have a healthy food blog and not have any sushi recipes on it?! haha jokes but I do love sushi I eat it at least once a week!;p So here you go - Healthy Quinoa Avocado Salmon Sushi! Instead of using white rice which is a lot more fattening, I use one of the healthiest super foods in the world -Quinoa! Full of protein and fibre, you can now eat these sushi completely guilt-free!
Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
Quinoa x 1/2 cup
Cold Water x 1 cup
Smoked Salmon/ Fresh Salmon Sashimi x 1/2 cup
Avocado x 1/2
A handful of Baby Spinach
Fresh Lime Juice x 2 tsp
Nori Wrapper x 2
Optional: A dash of Pink Salt
Optional: A dash of Roasted White Sesame and Black Sesame Seeds
Optional: Soy Sauce for dipping
Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
Rinse the Quinoa with water a few times - then boil it with water for 10-15 minutes. Turn off the fire and allow the quinoa to be soaked in the hot water for 6-10 minutes (with the lid covered). Drain the water away with a strainer, and let the quinoa cool down for 30-45 minutes/ refrigerator it (for more details on how to cook quinoa, you can find them on my previous blog post:
After the quinoa is cool down, add the lime juice and salt in and fold the quinoa a couple of times. Lay one nori wrapper on a rolling sheet, and spread the quinoa in a thin layer across 3/4 of the nori wrapper (leaving a strip of 1/4 of the nori wrapper with no quinoa spread on it). Think about the nori wrapper in four sections from right to left, A-B-C with C being 1/4 of the nori wrapper with no quinoa on it. Now, carefully line the a layer of baby spinach on A, and then on top of it, place a horizontal strip of Avocado (On 1/2 of A) and then with another horizontal strip of Smoked Salmon next to the Avocado (On the other 1/2 of A). Bear in mind not to overfill the wrap or you will not be able to seal it. Roll up the rolling sheet tightly from one edge towards the opposite one and then seal the end up by moistening the end and pressing it tightly. Repeat the same procedures with the other nori wrapper. Cut them up with a sharp knife into small pieces and you can sprinkle Roasted White/ Black Sesame seeds.
Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
Avocada & Salmon Quinoa Sushi Recipe
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