Saturday, November 22, 2014

Honey Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oats Bowl

Honey Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl Recipe
Smoothie Oats Bowl is my favorite choice of breakfast on weekdays before gym and work because it is super simple and easy to make - plus it's yummy and healthy! I can even save the time to chew by throwing everything into the blender haha I love it! But normally I am in such a rush that I never get the time to take a pic and show it to you guys - so today is the day! I would like to share with you the recipe of this delicious Honey Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oats Bowl, topped with Fresh Banana, Dried Cranberries, Roasted Almonds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and also Raw Coconut Flakes - all the nutrition I need in one bowl!
Honey Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl Recipe
*all of the portions of these ingredients can be changed according to your taste - it is very flexible and I actually never really measure them - I just throw everything as much as I like into the blender:p)*
Papaya x 1 cup (1/2 Small-sized Papaya)Banana x 1Homemade Almond Milk x 1-2 cups - Depending on how creamy/ liquid-y you want your smoothie to be (Recipe can be found at earlier blogpost: Rye Flakes x 1/2 - 3/4 cupOrganic Rolled Oats x 1/2 - 3/4 cupOptional: Pure Honey x 1 tbspOptional: Flaxseeds x 1 tbspHoney Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl Recipe
Place all the ingredients into the blender and blend the mix on high for 30-60s until smooth (depends on how powerful your blender is). Pour the smoothie mix into a bowl and top it with Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and other toppings of your choice!
See? Quickest breakfast ever - and as I mentioned above, you do not even need to chew much you can just down it in a few minutes LOL. I have been eating this at least 3-4 times a week ever since I first created this recipe on one super rush morning!Honey Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl Recipe
Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do - stay tuned for more simple, healthy and delicious recipe by subscribing to my blog!
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  1. Made this for breakkie this morning! Thanks a tonne! It was delicious :)

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