Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I am writing this post not only because I am frequently asked by many girls around the world how to stay motivated and determined, and NOT GIVE UP throughout my fitness journey, but also because this is actually something that I am still struggling with and working on everyday. Maybe I am not motivated and determined every second 24/7, but I know I will not give up and I will keep pushing myself through it - so here I would like to share a few tips with you about what keep me going! They might not work for everyone but they work for me so far (:

1. Set a Goal Body for yourself
Needless to say, the perfect Goal Body is Kayla Itsines's for sure -She is a constant inspiration and motivation to me! I hope this does not sound too creepy, but I find that by setting my Goal Body photo (aka Kayla's Itsines's awesome abs photo) as my iPhone Background helps to motivate myself a lot especially when I am feeling too tired/ lazy to go to the gym/ during a workout. This is my goal and what I want to achieve one day - and no matter how tired, sleepy, or demotivated I feel, it is just nearly impossible not to get motivated and determined immediately when I see this photo. I have worked so hard for this for the past few months already - no way to give up now!!

2. Make it a Habit
If you have read my earlier post about my daily workout schedule (, you would know that I wake up at 5ish everyday to prepare my breakfast, go to the gym and workout before heading to the office for work every single weekday. Basically this is how I look every morning:

So yes, I was never feeling motivated/ pumped up in the morning at 5am - I mean, who could be?! But I have already made it a part of my daily habit and routine - it's like brushing your teeth/ showering - even when you don't feel like it, you will still do it because you know you have to (with very good reasons of course) and your day is not complete without doing it.

3. Keep Track of your Progress 
It is extremely important to keep track of your own progress throughout your fitness journey so that you can see how far you have come to. Depending what your goals are, you can track your progress by weighing yourself/ calculating your body fat - but for me, I find that taking progress photos work the best for me. I take them every single week - and most of the time when I just compare the photos to the previous week's ones, I often cannot see much progress but when I compare them with the ones that I took 4/6/8 weeks ago, I am often amazed by how much progress that I made without realising it. When you see such obvious transformation, you will know that all the sweat, hard work, and persistence are worth it! And the feeling of achieving something is just indescribable.

4. Think back why you first started
Whenever you feel like you want to give up, think back why you first started. Why did you start your fitness journey? Why did you decide you wanted to start investing time and effort into this? Today I got some questions about whether I ever feel defeated and that I want to quit this lifestyle. Is this what life is all about when sometimes you feel like it is consuming your whole life? I love this question because it is something that I constantly think about myself. Yes, many of us "fitness and health girls" spend huge amount of time and effort on this in our daily lives and yes, fitness and health has become the centre of my life now. But I always think back the reason I made the decision a few months ago to start doing this and I compare my life right now to my life before my fitness journey. I see a huge positive change - my life now is filled with goals, motivation, determination, inspiration and purposes, and I am constantly driven to achieve different goals that I set for myself. I am proud of my progress, confident about my body and more importantly, I now have a passion and meaning in life. THIS is what I wanted 3 months ago, and also why I started my fitness journey. By constantly reminding myself this, even when I feel defeated, I know that I want to keep going and keep striving to achieve my fitness goals.

5. Think back how far you have already come to
Whenever you feel like giving up, think back about each one of the Kayla's workouts you have done - we all BBG girls know that every single of her workout is a killer LOL. The fact that we have pushed ourselves through all those workouts - if we give up now, all of our hard work and time we invested before would go to waste. Well, I don't know about you but I am not okay with that. I have already seen progresses on my body, and a bit of the abs actually showing - I do not want to imagine my body going back to the way it was before I started! so NO, I AM NOT GOING BACK THERE.

6. Think ahead and set Short-Term Goals
For me, I find this very helpful to keep myself going and pushing through the workouts. An example of this is I am going to Vietnam in less than 2 months with my boyfriend and it will be a sun and beach holiday - meaning I will be wearing bikinis! So yes, whenever I feel like I just cant do it anymore during the workouts, I tell myself, "DO YOU WANT YOUR BIKINI BODY OR NOT BY JANUARY IN VIETNAM". Yes I do, so I push through the workouts! :D

7. Think ahead and set Long-Term Goals
Apart from short-term goals, long term goals are equally important. Think about where in life you want to be at/ how you want to look like in 10/20/30/40 years. For me, I want to be super fit even when I get older (and one day a fit mum hahahaa) and I do not ever want to settle for an unfit body because of my age. Apart from appearance, I want to be healthy - and it will get even more important as I grow older. I know that one day I will be glad that I start this healthy lifestyle so early on in life.

8. Find a Place that is Motivating for you to work out at
This might not be application for all of you because I know many girls work out at home, but for me, I love the gym because it is where I find motivation, determination, drive, dedication and hard work whenever I look around me at my gym. Whenever I arrive at my gym early in the morning as my usual zombie self, feeling like I just want to lie down and nap, I would see many other people already working out so hard towards their own goals and their determination and dedication immediately fuel me with motivation. Another thing is that, I also find it very motivating to workout in front of a huge mirror so you can see your muscles i.e. your arms/ abs/ legs flexing when you work out.

9. Invest in Workout Clothes and Gears
When I first started my fitness journey, I remember I bought a bunch of gorgeous cropped sports bras and I promise myself, I will work hard and one day when I have abs (hopefully by Week 12) I can then look good enough to actually wear them at the gym! So whenever I feel too lazy to do my abs workout, I open my wardrobe and look at the sports bras that I already spent money on - I do not want the money to go to waste do I?

10. Reward myself with Cheat Meals and Rest Days
Finally, this might not be necessary for everyone, but it works for me. I would always reward myself with a Cheat Meal on Friday Night and Rest Day on Saturday - so during the week, I would push myself hard in order to "deserve" the reward when weekend comes! I hope this does not sound too stupid haha

Hope you find this post helpful to your own fitness journey as well! Stay tuned to more fitness and health tips by subscribing to my blog!

Emi xx


  1. This is all really great advice...and much needed. I think while seeing transformations on Insta can be motivating, it's harder to know the struggle and willpower it took to get to the "after" stage. When you're trying to push through a hard workout, it's nice to know a bunch of others feel the same - they just don't give up. Thanks for the blog, Emi!

    1. Thank you girl! I am very happy that you find my post helpful xx keep going girl!

  2. I just found your blog the other day despite following you on Instagram for a few months now :) Amazing post and awesome blog!! Thanks so much for sharing your struggles and for sharing how you deal with not always feeling motivated. We've all definitely been there. I started BBG about 7 weeks ago and at the 4 week mark I looked at my 'week 0' photo and didn't see any changes—not even slightly. I felt so defeated :( I had been doing each workout diligently and eating a well balanced diet. I looked at others who after 4 weeks had amazing transformations. I gave up. For the past 3 weeks now I've been struggling with my reasons for working out in the first place and if I'll ever get to where I want to be. This past Monday I started again at week 3 and I'm determined to be successful. After reading this post and a few others on your blog, it's really helped me focus on why I'm doing this—to be a happy, healthier version of myself :) I also am really starting to believe that comparing yourself to others progress isn't fair. Everyone has different goals, different bodies and different metabolisms. I'm also 41 and comparing myself to someone in their 20s might not be the right way to go about things after all ;) I'm in Canada (Ottawa) and it's getting really chilly here! There's no better time to get this body healthy and happy for the New Year :) Thanks again Emi for all the inspiration and for sharing so much of your life! xx

    1. Aw thank you for your kind words! and thank you for sharing with me your journey - yes you are right, and actually i wanted to give up so badly at week 8/9 as well when I compare my progress with other girls. But you are so right, each one of us has a different body and it takes different time to show results! Trust me, you are on the right track and just keep going, in the end it will be all worth it!!!I am so glad I did not give up. Good luck with your fitness journey!! and keep me posted (: xx

    2. Thanks for the sweet reply :) My instagram is 'lindsyo' ( I haven't posted too much about fitness as of yet but I do love to travel as well. I love that you've been all over the place! I've been to quite a few destinations (Dubai, Ireland, Paris) but not too many far away places the past few years but a ton of road trips—I love road trips! :) I'll definitely keep you posted on my progress and I'm going to be making your Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies tomorrow, yay!! xx Thanks again Emi :)

  3. Emi, you are so inspiring! I really love your blog and the words you pen down. I love exploring the healthy food recipes that you have blogged. Fitness, indeed requires hard work and dedication, nothing ever worth having is easy! Way to go, active lifestyle and clean eating for life! :) Working harder to achieve my dream body!

    1. Aw thank you Mabel for the kind words!! And yes let's work towards our goal bodies! Good luck with your fitness journey too xx

  4. So, I follow you on instagram, and everyday you become such an inspiration to me!! You're determination on living a healthy lifestyle is really helping me. I'm only 14 (lol) and I've always been a sporty and active person, however, living a healthier lifestyle by eating cleaner has only become a serious thing for me this year... and that's because i got so much inspiration from you and other fantastic nutritionists! Keep up with your great work :)

    1. Thank you Vivian@ I am so happy to hear that, and it's awesome that even though you are only 14 and you are already starting a healthy lifestyle! How much I wish I started mine earlier (I only started a few months ago LOL). Thank you again and good luck with your fitness journey too!! xx

  5. Dear Emi,
    I just discovered your blog today! :D
    I was on Kayla's instagram and somehow ended up on your profile and then blog, and I found you to be a great inspiration and motivation, such as Kayla who is also simply amazing. I am 19 and always was a very sporty and active person (I did gymnastics when I was little, then dancing and basketball for years), however when I graduated I kind of stopped working out because of all the exams and stress...somehow four weeks ago I started reading and doing research and found Kayla's website and since I'm a huge Karlie Kloss fan she also inspired me a lot to work on my body again. My family and me eat very healthy fortunately so I got that covered (but apart from that...your recipes are all so freaking yummy-looking, I will definitely try them- next week we'll have a christmas-brunch and I'll do your buckwheat-flaxseed-pancakes :)) !), and I started working out with the help of the train like an angel workouts and Nike Training Club App( don't know if you know that one). Currently I am in week number 3 in one of my Nike programs. So yeah, that is me. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing, and that post is simply great- it motivated me soooo much again! It's really nice to have someone who does not do this professionally share their ideas, views and transformations. I have one question: I am thinking about purchasing one of Kayla's guides. Nike Training Club is amazing and works well, but it could be more intense I guess. What do you think? I sure can't believe you started all that about 4 months look so damn good! Alright, keep going girl, thank you for being a motivation!
    all the best, and merry christmas :)

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment and sharing your story with me. I have never done Nike training club before so I cannot judge on how intense their programs are but for me, Kayla's workouts are pretty damn tough haha (but then again I was probably way more unfit than you when I first started as I never exercised too much). But for me the guide is really amazing and I am so glad I started it! (: No harm to try I would say! Goodluck with your fitness journey and keep me updated x


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