Saturday, November 15, 2014

Music List for Cool Down & Rehabilitation (Stretching/ Yoga/ Just Chilling)

Stretching and Yoga Music List
A good music list is actually so important to people who spend a lot of time at the gym - whether its for cardio/ power work outs/ stretching/ yoga/ cool down and etc. It helps motivate you, relax you, and get you into the mood - whatever you are doing. Personally, I love mellow, easy-listening songs with a mix of indie rock, pop and folk. So I put together a list of my favorite artists and music that I find perfect for post-workout stretching/ yoga/ cool down and even just for chilling or travelling on the road:

Top 15 Favorite Artists (and some of my favorite songs)
1. Marble Sounds (The Time to Sleep, Leave a Light on, Good Occasions, Ship in the Sand, No One Ever Give Us the Right)
2. Tom Misch & Carmody (The Last Song)
3. Cat Power (I Found a Reason, Sea of Love, Fool, Wild is the Wind)
4. The Weekend (The Wicked Game, Devil May Cry)
5. Jaymes Young (Dark Star, Moondust, One Last Time, Northern Lights, Parachute, Wondering)
6. Bright Eyes (First Day of My Life, At the Bottom of Everything)
7. London Grammar (Wasting My Young years, Strong, Interlude, Nightcall, Metal & Dust, Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me)
8. Daughter (Youth, Smoke, Home, Smother, Run)
9. Young Summer (Waves That Rolled You Under, Fever Dream)
10. The XX (Angels, Together, Fantasy, Sunset, Unfold, Basic Space, Chained)
11. Karen O (The Moon Song)
12. Cage the Elephant (Came A Little Closer)
13. Bastille (No Angels)
14. Brandon and Leah (Life Happens)
15. Elliot Smith (Angeles, Pictures of Me, Rose Parade, Say Yes)

On the top of my list is Marble Sounds, an indie pop band from Belgium. I had the pleasure to be invited to Marble Sounds' Concert in Hong Kong earlier this week and to be introduced to their music. I was completely amazed and they are now my top favorite band! Check out their music on youtube - and I would highly recommend <Leave a Light on>. I just cannot stop listening to it <3
Marble Sounds Concert in Hong Kong at Hidden AgendaMarble Sounds Concert in Hong Kong

Hope you enjoy reading my list of favorite music for stretching/ yoga/ cool down! If you find it useful - I will soon be posting my favorite work out music!!
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Emi xx

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