Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Fitness Goals

I am the kind of girl who always set yearly goals for myself before a new year starts and then look back on how many of them I have achieved by the end of the year - for me it is a great way to reflect on the past year and also to plan ahead on which direction I want my life to go, of course things never go the way you plan them to be (as the saying goes: When you make plans, God laughs) but I still believe that it is important to set goals for ourselves to keep the motivation and determination going, and to better ourselves year after year.

After all, the biggest project in life you should work on is yourself.

Looking back on the past year, I am proud of myself and what I have achieved - I hope this does not come across in an arrogant way as I do realize that there are huge room for improvement but at least I am glad that I achieved/ started to work on what I wrote down on my 2014 goals list, including: travelling to Europe, taking trips by myself (I have never travelled to Europe or taking trips by myself before 2014), quitting my previous job and being able to find one that I like, getting fit, healthy and happy, being able to do sit ups, finishing Kayla's BBG 12 weeks guide and etc
This year, I would like to share my 2015 fitness goals with you here and I would also love to know what are YOUR fitness goals! So we can be each other's motivation to work towards these goals throughout 2015 - and after a year later, let's go through this post again and see how much we have achieved (:

My 2015 Fitness Goals
1. Keeping my clean-eating diet and healthy lifestyle
2. Gaining muscle mass (meaning bulking up a little bit but staying lean)
3. Stronger arms - at least 30 push ups (not on my knees)
4. Handstands
5. Headstands, Crow and crane poses with variations
6. Forearm Stands
7. Splits
8. Pole-dancing (since I just started, I would like to get better at it and be able to do those cool flipping poses on the pole by the end of next year ;p)
9. Lifting at least double of the weights  (hopefully more) I am lifting now
10.  Bigger Booty (LOL I know this sounds pretty stupid but I am seriously going to work towards this by doing more squats and other butt workouts)
11. Defined 6 packs
12. Plank everyday 
13. Keep up with at least 5 days of gym/ exercises a week
14. Be able to incorporate Kayla's BBG workouts into my own work out routines even after I am done with BBG2.0 (in 3 weeks!)

That's all I can think of for now - let's see if I will add more to the list throughout the year! You can also give me some suggestions if there's anything you would like to challenge me/ see me doing by next year! ;p

Emi x


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  3. Hi, How do you find time to do all those workouts? I have a full time job and only can put in about an hour 4 days a week. How do you manage to have a job and find time to do so much workouts every single day?

    1. I cannot advice you on that because its all about your own life's time and priorities management. We all have 168 hours a week and for me, working out at the gym for one hour 4-5 times a week only equals to 3% of my time of a week. I do pole dancing in addition to that but thats more like an interest that i enjoy doing with my friends. That still leave me plenty of time for my full time job, travellling, spending time with friends, family and my boyfriend.

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