Friday, December 12, 2014

Beetroot Vegetarian Sushi Rolls

I was really happy to get a lot of positive feedback from my instagram followers on our Salmon & Avocado Quinoa Sushi recipe in my previous post ( and therefore we decided to get creative again to come up with another healthy sushi recipe! So here you go - yummy Beetroot Sushi Rolls! Perfect for a healthy lunch/ dinner.
Healthy Beetroot Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Recipe

Healthy Beetroot Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Recipe
Steamed Brown Rice x 2 cups
Grilled Tofu (Sliced into long rectangular strips) x 1 cup
Raw Beetroot (Chopped) x 1 egg size
Water x 1 tbsp
Avocado x 1/2
Raw Carrot (
Sliced into long rectangular strips) x 1/2 cup
Whole Egg x 1
Fresh Lime Juice x 2 tsp
A dash of Pink Salt
Optional: Soy Sauce for dipping
You can sub any of the fillings with ingredients of your choice i.e. smoked salmon/ grilled chicken and etc.
Healthy Beetroot Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Recipe
Whisk the egg in a bowl and have it pan fried (like the way do make an omelette) to a thin layer. Let it cool down and have it sliced into long, thin strips. Blend water together with chopped beetroot in a blender until it comes out as a liquid. Let steamed Brown Rice to cool down (you can also refrigerate it), and add blended beetroot liquid, lime juice and salt in. Fold the brown rice a couple of time until all turn red.
Lay one nori wrapper on a rolling sheet, and spread the brown rice in a thin layer across 3/4 of the nori wrapper (leaving a strip of 1/4 of the nori wrapper with no brown rice spread on it). Think about the nori wrapper in four sections from right to left, A-B-C with C being 1/4 of the nori wrapper with no brown rice on it. Now, carefully line a layer of grilled tofu (2-4 slices) on A, and then on top of it, place a horizontal strip of Avocado (On 1/2 of A) and then with another horizontal strip of Carrots and Egg strips next to the Avocado (On the other 1/2 of A). Bear in mind not to overfill the wrap or you will not be able to seal it. Roll up the rolling sheet tightly from one edge towards the opposite one and then seal the end up by moistening the end and pressing it tightly. Repeat the same procedures with the other nori wrapper. Cut them up with a sharp knife into small bite-size pieces. Ta-dah these Beetroot Sushi Rolls are now ready!
Healthy Beetroot Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Recipe
Hope you enjoy the recipe - stay tuned for more healthy recipes!

Emi xx

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