Monday, December 15, 2014

Exercise during period or NOT?

One question that I get asked by girls quite frequently is that if I continue to work out during my period and also if it is okay to do so. It can be quite confusing as there are people who say it is actually bad for you to have intense workout sessions during your period but there are a lot of opposite opinions saying that exercising during your girly days is good for your body because it helps relieve anxiety, fatigue and also helps to reduce your period pain if you have any etc. 

I am no medical expert on this matter but I did some research and I am writing this post mainly based on my personal experience. Generally, exercises are good for you during your period because of health benefits mentioned above. There are, however, some poses that you should avoid such as inversion poses headstands/ handstands and etc. 
For those of us who are doing Kayla's BBG (, however, know that every single one of her workouts is intense and tough and a lot of girls who experience fatigue, dizziness and period pain during that time of the month might feel too week to for the BBG exercises/ feel like they are not able to push themselves as much during that week and that their progresses would be slowed down that week/ that week would just go to waste. For me, there are a few options that you might find helpful:

Option 1
If you are one of the girls who get really bad cramps, headaches, dizziness during your period and your whole body would just feel so week like a piece of jelly, then I would highly recommend you not to force yourself through the workouts that week as it might result in injuries when your body is not in a state ready for intense workouts. However, instead of doing absolutely no exercises that week, I would recommend you to keep going LISS (i.e. powerwalk) and maybe even increase the number of LISS that you will do that week to compensate for missing the workouts. In addition, if you are feeling you are okay for some mini-work outs, you can also do Kayla's workout but only doing each circuit ONE TIME and also without the timer. Remember to re-do that week on the week after so that you will not actually miss out any of the BBG's weekly workouts!

Option 2
If you do not experience extreme period pain and fatigue, but you just feel a bit more tired during your period and would like to give your body more rest, you can also do the workouts without the timer and only do each circuit once - and then redo that week again on the week after.

Option 3
If you are one of the lucky ones and do not feel any less strong during your period - THEN GOOD FOR YOU. You might still feel a bit more tired - after all, your body is losing more blood than normal - but I say, PUSH THROUGH THE WORKOUTS! You might even feel better after the workouts. As least I do! This is the option that I take because I am on birth control pills, I do not suffer from any period cramps/ fatigue and etc and the amount of my period is actually very little so it does not affect me too much. I still feel a bit more tired sometimes during my period, but with the right determination, I find that I could push through the workouts no problem and feel even better afterwards!
 However, Option 1 also applies to me if I fall sick for a week - you gotta know when to push your body and when to take care of it and let it rest so that it will not get over exhausted/ injured - believe me, I have taken a week of rest on Week 13 and I came back to the workouts STRONGER the week after when I redid Week 13. No regrets!

Hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned for more fitness-related post by subscribing to my blog!

Emi xx

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