Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Favorite 10-mins Ab Workout

If you have read my previous post on my workout schedule, you would see that I sometimes squeeze in a mini Abs workout on the days that I am not doing Kayla's abs workouts. Most of these mini Abs workouts last for 10 minutes but occasionally when I feel like I want to do more (maybe after a day of cheat meals LOL) I would do a 15/20 minutes ab workouts by mix-and-match-ing some of my favorite abs exercises. These short Abs workout sessions are also great when you are having a super busy and packed day with no time to hit the gym/ do a full BBG workout. 

Mini 10-mins Abs Example (1-min for each of them)
1. Full Body Sit Up
2. Single Leg Raise
3. Double Leg Raise Crunch
4. Butterfly Kicks
5. X Mountain Climber Twist
6. Weighted Russian Twist (5kg)
7. Ab Bikes
8. Side Plank (Right side)
9. Side Plank (Left side)
10. Medicine Ball Passes

Additional Abs Exercises to add on/ mix-and-match with the ones above
1. Plank
2. Legs Circles
3. Starfish Crunch
4. Oblique Crunch
5. Reach Throughs
6. Weighted Toe Taps (8kg)
7. The Roll
8. Full Body Sit Up
9. Straight Leg Sit Up Twist
10. V-Crunches

I learned most of these Abs workouts from and also Kayla's BBG  -  and basically I just mix and match them myself so I would be doing a different set of Abs workout everyday! You can take a look at the youtube videos if you are wondering how to do some of the exercises (:

Hope you find this post useful - stay tuned to more fitness posts by subscribing to my blog!

Emi xx


  1. Hi Emi. I came across your acct via Kayla's IG. You are such an inspiration! Good job for all your hardwork. I am on Week 8 of Kayla's program but no progress. Is it common for you to feel bloated during this period? I feel my body like got bigger. :( I know rest is essential in ensuring further progress. How often do you rest?

    1. Hello girl! I have one rest day per week (but sometimes I still workout too I am too active hahahaha) but it really depends on each person! bear in mind dont over exhaust yourself. For me I actually never paid too much attention to bloating I was not sure (because I only looked at my progress once a week when I had to take the progress photo and because it was always in the morning before I ate anything, I also felt like I looked good hahahahahaha sorry for being so shameless ;p) but do you feel like your body got bigger cuz of fat or muscle? You can alwasy increase your cardio for it (: I did increase one LISS per week from Week 6- Week 8 xx

    2. U really look good! Nothing to be shameless about. :) Thanks for the info. I feel i got bigger cuz of muscles. So how many times of cardio you do from week 6 to 8? Generally i eat pretty clean 80-20 but sometimes i feel fat! :( merry xmas, Emi! Thanks for your response.

  2. Wow!! Perfect body you all have dear. I am so fatty and so I feel so nervous with my friends. Can you suggest me some best exercise videos ideas? I will start working out at my home first.

    1. Thanks hun! You can search "XHIT" on youtube, i quite like their videos! many of them can do at home x

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  5. What a change! Amazing. you look great

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