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Your Tea TinyTea Teatox 14 days Review

I have read way too many good reviews on Your Tea by many girls around the world on instagram and I have wanted to try them myself for some time. Lucky me to be gifted a 14 days Tinyea Teatox from Your Tea two weeks ago (together with this beautiful Mexican Sugar Mug! Check out their mug collection), I was very excited to start my 14 days Teatox Journey. 
Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Here are some more detailed information on the TinyTea Teatox Pack:
It is specifically designed to help with bloating, indigestion, problematic skin and cellulite. It also helps increase energy and reduce excess weight. 

Sounds magical yet difficult to believe right? 

Well, I would now like to share with you my first-hand experience of the 14 days trial of this TinyTea Teatox.

Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Weight Loss,  Bloating, Digestion
I never believe in slimming or losing weight through shortcuts such as eating/ drinking certain products. The reason I wanted to try the TinyTea was not because I wanted to lose weight without having to exercise/ eat healthy for two weeks - nothing will stop me from living a healthy and active lifestyle, but the reason I wanted to try was that all the ingredients contained in the TinyTea are organic and natural - it is basically a herbal blend based upon traditional Chinese Medicine Principles. The way it works is that it helps nourish and cleanse you digestive system. As the digestive system is the pivot of health in Chinese Medicine, nourish it will lead to our bodies achieving optimum physical, aesthetic and emotional health and hence many of the benefits lisetd above. It helps restore our bodies back to their original health before modern day lifestyles, sugars, fats, stress, inactivity and emotions unravelled them.
So no, it does not contain ridiculous chemicals that claim to get rid of your fat - it simply helps you shed excess weight by restoring your system to a point where it functions effectively. 
For me, it is quite difficult to judge if the tea actually helped me to lose weight or not because I kept on with my work out routines (more details can be found at earlier post: and continued with my clean eating diet (more details at, and also like I said earlier, my goal was not to lose weight, I did not exactly try to measure how many pounds I lost throughout these 14 days and etc. What I do know is that,
TinyTea has significantly reduced my bloating - which is great for taking abs photos hahaa
However, what I love the most about the TinyTea is how it helps with my digestion immensely. It definitely helps maximize my digestion and gut functionality by clearing out the waste and toxins from my body. Basically, every morning after I had my cup of TinyTea, I would head to the toilet in less than 2 hours (in a very very good way). I have to say I do feel healthier with my digestion sorted out because it's been somethings that's bothering me for a while (due to the protein shake that I drink everyday).
Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Same for the skin, the tea helps clear out the body of imbalances, toxins and waste and hence, skin ailments such as acne, pimples, blackheads, rashes, eczema, psoriasis etc etc - that are all external indications of internal imbalances should clear up. For me, my skin stayed fine throughout the 14 days Teatox and it did seem like there were less impurities in my pores. I would say it worked great!
Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Another great thing about this TinyTea is that it does energize your body by creating stronger blood and hence more energy. With no added caffeine, this is a great healthier and lower-calories option for coffee!
One of the most important things that to me would be the taste - if it doesn't taste good, no matter how healthy it is I probably would not want to continue drinking it. Surprisingly, TinyTea tastes really really good. I normally am not a tea-lover but I fell in love with TinyTea instantly. It tastes like Japanese Brown Rice Green Tea, and is not bitter/ overly sweet at all. I love to drink it with a tsp of Pure Honey or some fresh lemon juice!
Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Overall, I have only good words for TinyTea from Your Tea! I would say, if you have been thinking about trying this tea for some time - get it! I personally think it's amazing and in fact, even my mum wants to start drinking it!
Your Tea 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox Review
Hope you enjoy this review on Your Tea's TinyTea 14 days Teatox. Subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for more fitness and health products review!
Emi xx


  1. The only thing that has been stopping me from trying your tea is the price of it! Would you continue to buy it (with everything considered)?

    1. I really like it but you can maybe try the 14 days one first and see how you like it (:

    2. and actually after the tiny tea, I tried the anti-C tea and it was great too! Tiny tea tasted better tho hahhaa

    3. Thanks for replying!

  2. Great reviews shared here. I am very excited to start this 14 days program. I also want to lose weight to make perfect figured body like as yours. Should I start taking healthy Green drink too along with this?

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