Friday, January 2, 2015

1 Week Travel Workouts

With my instagram and blog name to be "Stay Fit and Travel", I am very sorry that I haven't uploaded any Travelling Workout posts until now - after all these months. But yes, it is finallly here! So we will be travelling to Vietnam for a week (Jan 4-10) and below is the work out plan that we wrote - these workouts are all home/hotel room-friendly, meaning you will not need ANY gym equipment (not even weights) as we would not have a gym for most of the days except for the first and the last. In addition, all of these workouts will not take longer than 30 minutes of the day so we will not be missing out on the travelling and exploring experience - which is the most important thing when you travel right? ;p Hope you find this helpful to you when you want to STAY FIT AND TRAVEL :D
Sunday (Jan 4)
Arrival: Rest/ Gym (Heavy Weights) - optional (depending on how we feel haha)

Monday (Jan 5)
Legs & Butts
1. Lateral Lunges x 30 reps (15 each side)
2. Single Leg Thrusters x 30 reps (15 each side)
3. Sumo Squat (Hold) x 30 seconds
4. Directional Lunges x 40 reps
Rest x 1 min
5. Kneeling Leg Lifts x 60 reps (30 each side)
6. Hamstring Curl and Press x 30 reps
7. Side Leg Raise x 60 reps (30 each side)
8. Jumped Lunges x 30 reps

Abs (1 minute each) - Optional
1. Full Body Sit Up
2. Starfish Crunch
3. Russian Twist
4. The Roll
5. Side Plank (Right)
6. Side Plank (Left)
7. Straight Leg Sit Up Twist
8. Oblique Crunch (Right)
9. Oblique Crunch (Left)
10. Reach Throughs

Tuesday (Jan 6)
1. Incline Push Ups x 20 reps
2. Push Ups x 15 reps
3. Commandos x 20 reps
4. Tricep Dips x 20 reps
Rest x 1 min
5. Decline Push Ups x 15 reps
6. Tricep Extensions on Wall x 20 reps
7. Incline Push Ups Mountain Climbers x 20 reps (10 each side)
8. Leg Resistance Bicep Curl x 30 reps (15 each side)

Abs (1 minute each) - Optional
1. Plank
2. Leg Circles
3. Directional Sit Up (Right)
4. Directional Sit Up (Left)
5. Seated Sprinter
6. Double Leg Raise Crunch
7. Single Leg Drop
8. Ab Bikes
9. Butterfly Kicks
10. Single Leg Raise

Wednesday (Jan 7)
Rest day/ Powerwalk/ Jog/ Yoga/ Stretch

Thursday (Jan 8)
Core (1 minute each)
1. Ab Bikes
2. Leg Circles
3. Chair Leg Raise
4. Full Body Sit Up
5. Chair Side Plank (Right)
6. Chair Side Plank (Left)
7. Chair V-Crunches
8. Chair Elbow Knee Touch
9. Russian Twist
10. Ab Bikes
Rest x 1 minute
11. Chair Outward Mountain Climbers
12. The Roll
13. Full Body Sit up
14. Starfish Crunch
15. Chair Legs Up
16. Reach Throughs
17. Ab Bikes
18. Chair Leg Drop
19. Oblique Crunch (Right)
20. Oblique Crunch (Left)
Friday (Jan 9)
Full Body/ Cardio
1. 180 Degree Squat Jumps x 16 reps
2. Burpees x 15 reps
3. Diamond Push Ups x 15 reps
4. High Knees x 1 minute
5. Diagonal Lunges x 40 reps (20 each side)
6. Push Ups x 15 reps
7. Figure Skate x 1 minute
8. Drop Push Ups x 15 reps
Rest x 1 minute
Abs (1 minute each) - Optional
1. Heel Touchers
2. Plank
3. Double Leg Raise Crunch
4. Single Leg Reverse Crunch
5. Full Body Sit Up
6. V-Crunches
7. Active Plank
8. Windmill
9. Side Plank (Right)
10. Side Plank (Left)

Saturday (Jan 10)
Return back to Hong Kong: Rest/ Gym (Heavy Weights)

As you can see, we add 10 minutes Abs workout to almost every single day (except for rest days) it is because I am weirdly obsessed with abs haha but these abs workout are optional for you if you are not as crazy about abs as I am. I would let you know if we manage to stick to this work out plan throughout our trip (: Happy Travel Fit!!

Emi xx


  1. Love this! Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Thank you for this workout plan. I'm going to do this when the new week starts :) you are such an inspiracion for me!

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