Monday, January 19, 2015

Photo-shoot with LawAmyPhotography and BowielaMAKEUP

The recent photo-shoot I had with LawAmyPhotography ( and BowieLaMakeup ( was probably the most exciting collaboration I have done so far. It was such a pleasure to meet these two AMAZINGLY TALENTED ladies and I am perfectly happy with the photos that came out - so I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Amy Law and Bowie Lam for making this happen. And of course, also big thanks to one of my best friends - the super gorgeous Michelle Ho ( for connecting me to them and have been extremely supportive and helpful throughout my fitness journey - so much love for these girls!x
Me and Michelle (:
My Gorgeous Friend - Michelle Ho
My Gorgeous Friend - Michelle Ho
I am going to be honest - I don't know much about photography and I am not able to review much on the technical aspects - instead, I would write this review based on my personal experience with Amy during the whole photo-shoot process.
I have only worked with a few of photographers before but I have always felt uncomfortable in professional shoots - whether it is the problem of my confidence level or just me being a very awkward person - I always dread to have my photos being taken by people that I do not know very well in person. Most photos you saw on my instagram were normally taken by my boyfriend and I therefore felt a lot more relaxed. I was actually also freaking out before this shoot because I have never met with Amy before and I was scared the whole shoot would turn out to be a failure. However, this amazing girl here had done such an amazing job to make me feel at ease and not worried not only throughout the whole shoot but also BEFORE the shoot. She started brain-storming with me on ideas weeks before the shoot and trying to get everything organized - from booking studio, arranging make up artist, sorting out the flow of the shoot, giving me ideas on the feel and look of the setting, preparing the set up and etc. I am very impressed by the amount of work she put into the shoot and I am genuinely so grateful for it. She had a very detailed and comprehensive moodboard prepared the night before the shoot to outline everything I need to know about the shoot i.e. the lighting for each theme and also some ideas on the poses. On the day of the shoot, Amy arrived earlier to the studio to have all the setting and lighting prepared so we could start right on time upon arrival. She was extremely professional throughout the whole shoot, giving me a lot of ideas and inspirations and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE that I need in front of the camera. She has such great knowledge on lighting and angles that the photos come up amazing! I also love how efficient she is, always reminding us of the time and allowing me to choose as well as getting all the photos on the same day. Her work attitude is extremely inspiring and after the shoot, we had a little chat whilst choosing the photos - I got to know more about Amy personally and the fact that she's worked so hard towards her goals and dreams to become a renowned photographer in the industry inspire me so much and I have so much respect for this girl. You can take a look at her page for the amazing work she has done - from high fashion to weddings, and your everyday special occsasions such as graduation.
Make up is another thing that has always been my biggest headaches - something you need to know about me is that I am extremely lazy when it comes to putting on make up. I never spent the time to learn much about it and I always spent no longer than 10 minutes on putting on make up as I normally do it in the changing room of my gym (I go to the gym every morning before work) and I would be in such a hurry that I just put a bit of foundation and eyeliner and I will be done and good to go. I HAVE tried putting on more stuffs on my face before such as mascara and eyeshadow LOL but 1. I was bad at it 2. I have weird puffy Asian eyes that I look TERRIBLE when I put anything more than eyeliner onto my eyes - so I gave up on these two products a long time ago already. I also had the experience of letting professional make up artists to put make up for me on special occasions before but I also ended up looking even worse than the make up I put for myself because they didn't know my face as much as I did. So I really was not that sure about having Bowie, a professional and experienced make up artist to put make up for me before the shoot. The night before the photo shoot when I was told to send Bowie some make up references, I actually told her that I would like to do my own eye make up aka drawing a simple eye liner and the only thing she would need to do is to put the foundation and maybe some bronzer on my face. Bowie, however, tried to ensure me that I should trust her and let her do it. In the end, I decided to trust her professional skills and let her handle the whole make up. Thanks god, I have absolutely no regrets that I made that decision because the make up she put on for me was flawless and absolutely beautiful. She understood that the most basic and natural make up would suit me the most and put together a great style for my shoot and I am so happy about it. The fact that she understood customers needs and at the same time incorporate her skills and styles into it is what I appreciate about Boweilamakeup the most. With a degree in fashion and a strong passion in make up, this girl is really a professional that you can have trust and confidence in. All the make up products she used were also of the best quality i.e. Bobbi Brown, MAC and etc. If you are looking for a professional make up artist for some special occasions coming soon i.e. Wedding, New Years Eve or a photo shoot - Bowie is the girl that you are looking for! Oh and she is offering the discount below right now - what are you waiting for? (;
These photos are taken at M4 Production Limited ( - a Hong Kong based studio.

Emi xx

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