Monday, March 16, 2015

KEA- Surf Wear x Active Wear x Pole Fitness Wear

Having mad love for the beach and the sun, I am always looking out for good swimwear. You see, it is not easy for me to find suitable bikinis that are fancy looking but fit me at the same time because unfortunately I am not blessed with big (or even medium-sized) chest and a lot of bikinis either make me look boob-less like man or they just do not fit well - and can easily come off especially when I do any water sports/ activities that require a bit more movement. I am therefore so grateful that I came across KEA ( before my beach holiday at Vietnam - I finally found beachwear that fit me perfectly and no matter how much I moved, they STAYED on my body - I have never felt so safe on a beach haha. It is mainly because KEA is designed especially for surfing - and therefore are very safe for any water activities. They use high quality italian fabrics that offer excellent UV protection and also compression technology. The best thing is - not only are they safe, they LOOK GOOD. It is not very often that a super safe and comfortable swim/surf wear is also fancy and fashion looking.

I am not a surfer chic, I never surfed before but I did try once in Vietnam - even though it was a big fail, my KEA was good on me - it was just my skills that were bad.

My favorite favorite thing about KEA is that because the surf wear is so comfortable and safe that I can also use them as active wear for my workouts as well as pole fitness wear for my pole dancing!

Hope you enjoy reading about my reviews on KEA surf wear xx



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